4 April 2022

Congratulations to The Girl on the Train director Matthew van den Berg and his cast and crew on winning the Best Production Award for 2021. The announcement of this win and the awarding of the cup were, as with many things in the past few months, thwarted by Covid until last weekend. As the adjudicator said, “The winning play was an outstanding ensemble piece. Not only did the actors and director read and interpret the script with knowledge and skill, but all the sets, stage management and lighting were in complete agreement with the concept. It came together as a powerful, enjoyable production. 

Sadly for HLT, Matthew, who was going to give his directorial talents another workout on this year’s The Maltese Falcon, had his own announcement to make: he and his partner are moving to Australia very soon. But as the show must go on, we are delighted to announce that the mantle of responsibility for this challenging  play has been passed to the very capable and experienced hands of Laurie Mills, formerly Matthew’s production co-ordinator, so he already has a significant depth of knowledge about the play and its requirements. Bon voyage, Matthew, and huge thanks to Laurie for stepping up into the role of director for this exciting New Zealand premiere.

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