Five-star review for the hit comedy "Looking"

13 September 2013

Reviewing Looking, H&P Times editor PJ Taylor gave the production five stars. Here’s some of what he wrote: “We got lucky,” actress Cristine Della Barca appropriately reacted afterwards – at yummy supper following the opening night’s performance – of the newest stage show swung out by Howick Little Theatre.

 It was searching for a very funny play, and comedy gold it’s dug up in Looking, a genuine humorous nugget penned by Canadian Norm Foster.

 And the use of “lucky” by Ms Della Barca is all the more spot-on, as the four-member cast are fortunate to have had an excellent-quality script fall in their collective laps – for the acting – and that the middle-aged 40-somethings they’re playing do, eventually, get lucky.

 Show-goers will find themselves laughing at just about every second line, as the jokes skip out thick and fast, and as the characters find themselves chuckling at their situations and human emotions – the vulnerability and insecurity of stepping back into the dating game – at their ages, with all the optimistic and gloomy moments that can present. Read the rest of the review.

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