Studio play 'Lockdown'

Posted 4 September 2017

Lockdown, by HLT member Nik Rolls and directed by Matthew Diesch, is a raw and open look at identity under pressure. Where does it come from, and what does it consist of? How is new identity formed and what separates it from its origin? And how do we use it to protect ourselves from things we wish never happened? Dissociative Identity and schizophrenia – both very distinct but oft-confused – set the backdrop for this exploration of identity, trauma, denial, and recovery. We are looking for a full crew, designers and operators and an all-female cast of actors (playing ages between 20 and 50). Auditions are planned for 29/30th of July. The characters are: EMMA: A survivor; JACQUI: Emma's partner of a few years; Emma's alters: MARTHA: Protector (caretaker); LILY: Child; KEIRA: Protector (fighter); Z O E: Sexual. For more info and a script, contact Matthew (or phone: 021 681 793 or Facebook:



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