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Costume Hire

Looking for Auckland costume hire for a movie, musical or play? Invited to a fancy dress party but don't have a thing to wear? Whether you are seeking one costume for a private function or all our 1950s items for a big film shoot, we could have just what you need.

Howick Little Theatre hires costumes to:

  • Members
  • Individuals
  • Not-for-profit groups, such as schools, community theatres and groups
  • Commercial organisations, such as professional theatres and film companies

Complete Plays (with accessories)

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (incomplete)
Taming of the Shrew
A Midsummer Night’s Dream
As You Like It 
She Stoops to Conquer
The Way of the World
A Man for All Seasons

Uniforms (with accessories)

Army, Navy, Air Force, police, firemen, ecclesiastical, educational, medical

Wedding Gowns (32”-38”)

1930s to 1980s, complete with head-dress and bouquet of silk flowers ($100, including drycleaning)

Bridesmaids' gowns (34”-38”)

1950s-1980s ($50, including drycleaning)


Mardi gras
Peasants, gypsies and yokels

Costumes of the World

Pacific Islands
American (square dance and country & western)


Gowns (1600-1990)
Capes and overcoats (1850-1980)
Suits – pants or skirt (1920s-1980)
Jumpers and cardigans (1930-1980)
Skirts and slacks (1940-1980)
Jackets (1940-1980)
Blouses (1890-1980)
Nightwear (1850-1980)
Petticoats (1850-1980
Shoes/handbags (1850-1980)
Hats (1850-1980)
Rock’n’roll skirts and petticoats (1950s)
Swimwear (1900-1960)
Fur coats/jackets/stoles
Crinoline hoops, petticoats and panniers (1750s-1850s)
Wigs, falls, buns, hairnets, snoods, crepe hair


Suits (1940-1980)
Overcoats and raincoats (1940-1980)
Tail suits (1930-1980)
Dinner suits (1940-1980)
Morning and cutaway coats (1900-1980)
Pin-stripe trousers (1900-1980)
Nightwear (1850-1980)
Smoking jackets (1930-1980)
Swimsuits (1900-1940)
Shoes/hats/ties (please enquire)
Waistcoats/cardigans (1940-1980)
Jodhpurs (1920-1950)
Plus-fours (1920-1950)
Jackets and slacks (1940-1990)
Shirts: evening and day (1900-1990)
Shirt collars and studs (1900-1990)
Beards, moustaches, crepe hair

Make an Enquiry

For more information, contact Howick Little Theatre: 534-1401 or email us.

Please include a contact phone number, the size(s) of costume(s) required, the era of costume(s) being sought, colour preferences, required accessories, the date the items are required by and any other relevant information.


  • 1900s
    1 photo
  • 1920s/30s
    5 photos
  • 1939 - 49
    1 photo
  • Elizabethan
    5 photos
  • Greek
    6 photos
  • Medieval
    2 photos
  • Restoration
    5 photos
  • Uniforms
    2 photos
  • Victorian
    7 photos
  • Regency
    1 photo
  • 1950s/60s
    4 photos
  • 1970s-80s
    4 photos
  • 1990s
    1 photo