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Costume Hire

Looking for Auckland costume hire for a movie, musical or play? Invited to a fancy dress party but don't have a thing to wear? Whether you are seeking one costume for a private function or all our 1950s items for a big film shoot, we could well have just what you’re after.

Please note that costume hire is currently not available because of Government Covid restrictions.


Howick Little Theatre hires costumes to the following:

  • Members
  • Individuals
  • Not-for-profit groups such as schools, amateur theatres and groups
  • Commercial organisations such as professional theatres and film companies

Complete Plays (with accessories)

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (incomplete)
Taming of the Shrew
A Midsummer Night’s Dream
As You Like It 
She Stoops to Conquer
The Way of the World
A Man for All Seasons

Uniforms (with accessories)

Army, Navy, Air Force, police, firemen, ecclesiastical, educational, medical

Wedding Gowns (32”-38”)

1930s to 1980s, complete with head-dress and bouquet of silk flowers ($100, including drycleaning)

Bridesmaids' gowns (34”-38”)

1950s-1980s ($50, including drycleaning)


Mardi gras
Peasants, gypsies and yokels

Costumes of the World

Pacific Islands
American (square dance and country & western)


Gowns (1600-1990)
Capes and overcoats (1850-1980)
Suits – pants or skirt (1920s-1980)
Jumpers and cardigans (1930-1980)
Skirts and slacks (1940-1980)
Jackets (1940-1980)
Blouses (1890-1980)
Nightwear (1850-1980)
Petticoats (1850-1980
Shoes/handbags (1850-1980)
Hats (1850-1980)
Rock’n’roll skirts and petticoats (1950s)
Swimwear (1900-1960)
Fur coats/jackets/stoles
Crinoline hoops, petticoats and panniers (1750s-1850s)
Wigs, falls, buns, hairnets, snoods, crepe hair


Suits (1940-1980)
Overcoats and raincoats (1940-1980)
Tail suits (1930-1980)
Dinner suits (1940-1980)
Morning and cutaway coats (1900-1980)
Pin-stripe trousers (1900-1980)
Nightwear (1850-1980)
Smoking jackets (1930-1980)
Swimsuits (1900-1940)
Shoes/hats/ties (please enquire)
Waistcoats/cardigans (1940-1980)
Jodhpurs (1920-1950)
Plus-fours (1920-1950)
Jackets and slacks (1940-1990)
Shirts: evening and day (1900-1990)
Shirt collars and studs (1900-1990)
Beards, moustaches, crepe hair

Make an Enquiry

For more information, contact Howick Little Theatre: 534-1401 or email us.

Please include a contact phone number, the size(s) of costume(s) required, the era of costume(s) being sought, colour preferences, required accessories, the date the items are required by and any other relevant information.



  • 1900s
    1 photo
  • 1920s/30s
    5 photos
  • 1939 - 49
    1 photo
  • Elizabethan
    5 photos
  • Greek
    6 photos
  • Medieval
    2 photos
  • Restoration
    5 photos
  • Uniforms
    2 photos
  • Victorian
    7 photos
  • Regency
    1 photo
  • 1950s/60s
    4 photos
  • 1970s-80s
    4 photos
  • 1990s
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